Shanghai Nation Long International Trading Co., dedicated to offer an extensive range of superior quality metal and plastic products, like stainless steel rail fittings, marine hardware, supermarket hardware, Polycarbonate sheet, Pmma sheet, PVC panel, combining highly competitive prices and prompt delivery times.

We Provide you with the favorable business environment and transportation advantages of Shanghai, China. A team of experienced engineers are doing professional designing and quality controlling to make sure your requirement is met. Meanwhile, with extensive experience in packing and shipping goods around the world, we know the importance for goods arriving in time and in good condition.

To better serve the needs of our customers, Nationlong recently opened a new location in North America, and this is just an example of Nationlong's commitment to customers' satisfaction.

Based on excellent quality, competitive price, delivery in time and excellent service in past, we have won reputations as well as clients, we still hold these principles for you.

Our mission is to enhance your products value in the eyes of the end users and win more reliable clients. Therefore, Doní»t Let Business Opportunities Pass Your Company By.

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